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VizThink Dallas, in the house!

Mark Kraemer posted these slides from VizThink Dallas. For more information on the games referenced in this slide deck check out Elevator Pitch and Speed Boat in the Gamestorming Wiki.

This slide deck is a great inspiration and also gives you a good sense of what can be accomplished in a couple of hours.

Don’t miss slide 11!

1 thought on “VizThink Dallas, in the house!

  1. It was a very productive evening, introducing many Dallas VisualThinkers to Gamestorming. One question that came up was how to encourage participation from folks with less dominating personalities? Here are the solutions we shared and practiced in both games:

    – Use the same color stickies and same pens / markers for everyone. This gives everyone an equal voice up on the wall, and helps encourage those who might otherwise not want to share their ideas publicly for fear of being judged harshly.

    – When the group reviews what’s on the wall, ask each participant to share and discuss their favorite sticky on the wall that is not their own. This encourages participants to explore the ideas presented by others.

    – A nice gel pen works better than Sharpies for sticky note exercises because they typically don’t bleed through

    Thanks again for keeping the Gamestorming Wiki available online. Makes it very easy to share the ideas with others.

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