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Poster Session with Credit Counselors

Inspired by the use of Poster Session. I had about 90 minutes of time with a Consumer Credit Counseling Service group I am doing some long term Managerial Leadership Coaching with.

A slightly varied process was introduced combining an activity called Bright : Blurry : Blind and Poster Session provided some amazing insight and commonalities to define metrics and areas for future work.

Additionally working with this group, I knew that they were numbers people, who still cared greatly about service. Using poster session, asking them to keep it visual the people used different brain connections that they often do not associate with work. This allowed the people to feel free and able to share, because the situation was changed.

Here are some some photos from our time;

ConsumerCreditServicesBuffaloNY - Team Building & Leadership (2)

ConsumerCreditServicesBuffaloNY - Team Building & Leadership (3)

ConsumerCreditServicesBuffaloNY - Team Building & Leadership (4)ConsumerCreditServicesBuffaloNY - Team Building & Leadership (6)


ConsumerCreditServicesBuffaloNY - Team Building & Leadership (12)


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2 thoughts on “Poster Session with Credit Counselors

  1. I am an instructor at an ITT Technical Institute campus in Washington State, and am teaching a class on Contemporary World Cultures. One of the projects I assigned the class was for small groups to present poster sessions on a given topic. Several of the students thought this was kid-stuff and not at all appropriate for adults, etc. So, besides sharing that I am in a doctoral program and poster sessions happen all the time, I decided to go online and sample the poster sessions and session ideas to give them an idea of how very very much this is part of the “adult” professional world. Love your nuts and bolts advice. GREAT! Thanks.

  2. Lori.
    Thank you for the comment…this is common and what it takes is you (the facilitator) to properly frame the activity in its context. Especially when working with college groups. It is true that people learn from lecture based processes and it is also true that experiential learning is also a viable learning process. The idea of visual mapping is used by MD, engineer, manufacturing etc.. in the method of process mapping, value streaming, fishbone diagrams, etc…
    Thank you

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