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Heart, Hand, Mind

Object of Play

The object of this game is to examine an issue from another perspective, and find significance in the issue.

Number of Players


Duration of Play

10 minutes to 1 hour

How to Play

1. Look at an issue, product, or course of action using these three lenses:

  • Heart: What makes it emotionally engaging?
  • Hand: What makes it tangible and practical?
  • Mind: What makes it logical and sensible?

2. List the characteristics or features that appeal to each lens.

3. Score the categories from 1 to 10. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses.


Significant products, activities, and experiences appeal to a whole person; they “feed the heart, hand, and mind.” Use these three lenses as a means of finding, clarifying, or diagnosing the meaning of any endeavor.

The Heart, Hand, Mind game was inspired by Swiss educational reformer Heinrich Pestalozzi.

1 thought on “Heart, Hand, Mind

  1. I find this tool a little confusing (or possibly over-simplified), and I’m wondering if it can be updated.

    The tool claims to “examine an issue from another perspective”, but then never mentions WHO’s perspective.

    After we listing the Heart, Hand, and Mind characteristics, how does scoring them from 1-10 help us better understand “the meaning of any endeavor”?

    I think this tool is valuable (exploring ethos, logos, and pathos)– just not in its current state.

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