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Gamestorming meetup groups

If you are interested in starting a local meetup group where you can meet others who are interested in gamestorming and practice your meeting mojo, please leave a comment here and let’s get that conversation going!

31 thoughts on “Gamestorming meetup groups

  1. OK, I’m game.

  2. I’d love to create a group in London!

  3. Anyone in the Western NY area that wants to meet, I would be happy to get something going.
    I live in Buffalo NY.

  4. I am new to game storming but I am definitely interested in meeting more people looking to add fun in their work lives.

    Josh Bulloc
    Kansas City, MO

  5. Solveig – count me in for London.

  6. 94610 – Oakland, California, in the house!

  7. I’m definitely interested in starting one in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Could work for the tri-county area (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami/Dade).

  8. Count me in for an SF meetup. Happy to help organize.

  9. Planning on having a meeting about Gamestorming this month, September 24 in Tampa, FL. If you are in Florida, come here Dave speak in Tampa September 22nd!

  10. Count me in for a Montreal meetup!

  11. Sounds like something Boulder, CO is definitely in need of…

  12. I live about 1.5 miles south of Cincinnati…in Northern-KY. I would like to see the outcome of a group here.

  13. Good idea. Will likely try to coordinate something for Sydney, Australia.

  14. Any takers for Dublin Ireland ???

  15. Would love to get something started in Baltimore or DC areas…anyone out there?

  16. Like Solveig & Indy, I would be interested in a London meet up!

    Not sure how we move this forward though!


  17. I think we must star game- storming at our own company with our people. and then share the experience .. but let´s get started

  18. I would like to start in North Atlanta, GA

  19. Solveig I would love to join a London group!

  20. I’m interested –

    Sacramento or San Francisco

  21. Anyone in Paris ? 😉

  22. Downtown Los Angeles Meetup….. Count me in…

  23. Pier-Luc Caron St-Pierre said cont me in for a meetup in montreal.

  24. Love to meet up in Dallas

  25. Anyone in Italy trying to apply these methods? If so contact me at

  26. I’d like to start a meetup in Santa Barbara, CA area. Willing to meet closer to LA if more interest there, but we have a team of 18 UX designers & researchers who would be willing to host at Citrix Online in Santa Barbara. Please contact me at if you are nearby and interested.

  27. How about Austin, Texas?

  28. How about one in PDX? After a cre8camp?

  29. I’d be willing to host/organize a meet-up in Philadelphia. If anyone is interested, contact me at:

    dmurphy (at) digitashealth (dot) com

  30. I’d love to get an Austin group going. Email me at:

    jake AT communityguy DOT com

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