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Gamestorming in London

Design Jams are one- or two-day events where people get together to learn, collaborate and hone their design skills while working on real-life problems. On February 26, a group of people got together to design a mobile service. I wasn’t lucky enough to be there, but since I’m following the #gamestorming hashtag on Twitter I came across some great articles describing how they used gamestorming to get some great results out of the day:

My First Design Jam by Will Myddelton

Design Jam 2: A More Structured Design Process by Eewei

Design Jam London 2: Post-Mortem by Aral Balkan

Design Jam London 2: Same 9 Hours, 1 Brand New Challenge by Desigan Chinniah

Design Jam London 2 by Shek Man Tang

Thanks everyone for the blog posts. They help give a tangible sense of what the event felt like.